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I’ve heard my whole life “Oh, wow you two look so much alike.” First, I was being compared to my mom as a child. Then, after I had my daughter, I heard the same thing. It’s like seeing doubles.

Nichole and I thought for Mother’s Day we could totally do a buy one get one FREE. You buy a skincare set for your mama and you get one free for you. But we are not going to do that!

Say what?!? Now, before you say "but wait, it’s the one day all year that I get to do what I want. I deserve a day of pampering and discounts!" Keep reading because we get it! It's not because we don’t love our Mama’s or because we don’t think all Moms deserve to be cherished. After all, we know that most of us mommas are struggling to be the best chauffeur, cook, laundry service, house cleaner, and the best, all together mama ever right?!

We are choosing not to give you free product because we learned the true meaning of Mother’s Day. And it’s not what you think!

Stay with us cuz this is gut wrenching!

It was started by a revolutionary peace warrior, Julia Ward Howe. She founded the original Mother’s Day Proclamation in 1830. She was tired of war, tired of tribalism being valued above the lives of the vulnerable, her pain became her mission.

Being mothers to 8 amazing kiddos is the most difficult and rewarding job in the world! For Nichole and I, it’s Mother’s Day every day in our homes. We get snuggles, kisses, and thank you's. We also get the crazy, the tears, and the messes too! :-) But that’s what being a mama is all about, right?!?

So we decided to reverse Mother’s Day this year!

In the United States, there are 200,000+ hungry, cold, homeless youth on our streets. We are going back to the 1830 Mother’s Day and making a statement to help all the youth on our streets know there are Mom’s that care about them. So, from now until Mother’s Day, 50% of every order purchased will be donated to The Compassion Collective Project. Their mission is two-fold. They offer help to children of refugees, and they also help support homeless youth here in the states. We have chosen to donate to the homeless youth in the United States.

Let's pull together and be the Moms that these kids need us to be! Let's stand united for the motherless youth in the United States and bless others this mothers day!

Happy Mother's Day!


Joanna and Nichole

Tweet this: We’re standing together to say: There’s No Such Thing As Other People’s Children. Join Us! #TheCompassionCollective


Tweet: We're standing together to say: There's No Such Thing As Other People's Children. Join Us! #TheCompassionCollective


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