The One Thing About Organic You Need to Know

Did you know you might be flushing your money down the toilet buying organic food?  

Say what?!?

That's what I learned years ago, when I started purchasing organic food. 


Because I never stopped to think about what I was putting on my largest organ. Yep, my skin. 

Think about it... the skin absorbs so well they invented nicotine patches to help cure cigarette addictions. Yes, the nicotine is released into the blood stream through the skin. The blood feeds our entire body including our brain. 

There was a study conducted by the Environmental Working Group in 2005. They took samples from umbilical cords and found 287 chemicals in the samples.  217 of the 287 chemicals were neurotoxins. Scary! Right?

That's when I woke up and thought my largest organ is my skin. Its here to protect me, I'm slathering it with chemical laden products (which cause cancer and disrupt the endocrine system). How can I expect my skin to protect me if I'm working against it?!?

I set out on a journey to find a chemical free, fragrance free, preservative free product that worked. After spending thousands of dollars trying to find one and couldn't, I went on a journey to develop my own. That's how Prickly Pear Skin Care was born. Get the Prickly Pear story here.

 Want to find out if your skin care is safe?  Check out Safe Cosmetics.

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